Mentoring is a special partnership between two people based on commitment to the mentoring process, common goals and expectations, focus, mutual trust and respect. Mentoring can also encompass activities that allow for transfer of knowledge and skills from one person to another.


Both the mentor and the mentee give and grow in the mentoring process. The mentee can learn valuable knowledge from the mentor’s expertise and past mistakes and competencies can be strengthened in specific areas. At Faith Community Outreach, our mentorship program allows Mentees to have opportunity to establish valuable connections with our Mentors.


The success of mentoring will depend on clearly defined roles and expectations in addition to the participant’s awareness of the benefits of participating in the mentoring program.


The mentee’s development depends on exploring career aspirations; strengths and weaknesses; collaborating on means to “get there”; implementing strategies; and evaluating along the way. The mentor will help light the path for the mentee to follow. Learning from the wisdom and past experience of the mentor will serve the mentee well and produce great benefits.

  • Do you want someone who has gone on the same career path you would like to follow?

  • Do you want someone who has modeled the competencies you would like to strengthen?

  • Do you want someone who has skills you currently don’t have but wish to acquire?

  • Do you want someone who will be a good sounding board for your goals?


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