Health Charities

Our health charity project covers everything from supporting families, and treating the sick and disabled, working on cures for diseases, and promoting public awareness of specific health risks. They include:

  • Disease & Disorder Charities

  • Medical Services & Treatment

  • Medical Research Charities

  • Patient and Family Support Charities

Education Charities

Education charities serve students from every age group. Some serve as the educational institutions while focus on making education more accessible and effective.

  • ​Private Elementary, Jr. High, and High Schools

  • Universities and Colleges

  • Scholarship and financial aid services

  • School Reform and Experimental Education

  • Support for students, teachers, and parents

Arts & Culture Charities

These types of charities help preserve artistic and cultural heritage as well as celebrate the arts and our history.

  • Museums & Art Galleries

  • Performing Arts

  • Libraries & Historical Societies

  • Public Broadcasting and Media